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Lake City Radio
About Us

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Connecting on a personal level is an important part of sharing ideas. On this page we'll present some details about our organization and the people behind it.

Russ showing the new station equipment.

     Lake City Radio was formed 11/1/2000 to offer public access broadcasting for Hinsdale County, Colorado.  Also to offer postings of up-coming events, local meetings, job listings, local news & weather, and a learning activity for Lake City School children and other community members.
     Lake City Radio is looking to expand our tourism of the area to help Hinsdale County grow in order to help keep the people of our area working.  Also, to allow for Emergency Information to be accessible in the case of disaster situations like in 2002 when forest fires were closing in less than 30 miles from the town of Lake City.
     Lake City Radio has been broadcasting for 2 1/2 years with the help of Rocky Mountain Cable, and the support of our underwriters and members.  But, due to the FCC not allowing anyone in the United States to apply for a broadcasting license, we will be shuting down until such time that we will be allowed to expand to an airwave signal.
     Lake City Radio would like to thank all who have given time and money to our organization, and hope we will be able to begin or broadcast sometime in Summer 2004.

Station Trustees

Russ Lallier - Chairman of the Board & Station Mamager

Russ Lallier, along with George & Mary Carkin, were the three who started this project back in November of 2000.  Russ has been working in radio since the age of six years old, doing radio spots for his father's drug store.  He has also worked in television and on commercials.

George Carkin

George Carkin runs the video store in town.  He also works with youth groups with the Teen Center here in town.

Mary Carkin

Mary Carkin is the Rec. Dept. Director for the Town of Lake City.  She has also ran a local newspaper in town.

Eric Nice

Eric Nice runs a woodshop here in Lake City.  He is also the promoter of the Lake City Wine & Music Festival which will be held this Sept. 25th, 2004.

Pete Aldred

Pete Aldred is a programmer for Rockwel Int. and a strong supporter of public broadcasting.

Our Programs

Lake City Radio currently offers the following services:

1.Training in broadcasting and media

2. A variety of music and comedy

3. Listings of local meetings, public services, and on-going events

4. Emergency information as part of the Local Emergency Alert System

5. Temperature and wind speed, along with daily highs and lows

6. Local news

7.Winter road and pass conditions

8. Bilingual broadcasting

9. Listing of job openings in Hinsdale County, Colorado

10. Up-coming live music listings for the state of Colorado

Our Location

The Station Is Located In The Alley Of 3rd Street, Between Henson Street & Gunnison Ave. In Lake City, Colorado.