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Who We Are, Where We've Been

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On this page we'll provide some history about our organization.

Lake City Radio & Television Was Formed By Russ Lallier, George Carkin, & Mary Carkin In February Of 2001. We Began Our Broadcast On April 1, 2001 On Channel 13 Of The Local Rocky Mountian Cable Service. We Are Currently Trying To Get Our Broadcast Over The Internet, And Also Over The Air Waves.

Mission Statement

Lake City Radio & Telvision will be the first and only local radio/television broadcast for the Lake City and Hinsdale County area.  Lake City Radio & Television will offer local access for all members of the community to learn about, and utilize the public airwaves.
Lake City Radio & Television will provide the following services:
   1. Training in broadcasting and media
   2. A variety of music and comedy
   3. Listings of local meetings, public services, and on-going events
   4. Emergency information as part of the Local Emergency Alert System
   5. Temperature and wind speed along with daily highs and lows
   6. Local news
   7. Winter road and pass reports
   8. Bilingual broadcasting
   9. Listings of job openings in Hinsdale County
 10.Upcoming live music listings for the state of Colorado
Lake City Radio & Television will also look to expand into Internet and airwave broadcast and television as part of our ten year plan.